1. George Petty


  2. Enoch Bolles


  3. Mike Bouchet


  4. Built in 1883, the traditional turf church at Hof is an atmospheric gem within the verdant landscape of Öræfi, Iceland (via Urban Ghosts)

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  6. Chicago Railways | Angie McMonigal

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  8. Displayed in the Saint-Étienne church in France is the figure of René de Chalon, Prince of Orange. The prince died at the young age of 25 during the siege of Saint-Dizier in 1544.

    Rather then memorialize him in the standard hero form, his wife requested (or René himself requested, or possibly both) that he be shown as “not a standard figure but a life-size skeleton with strips of dried skin flapping over a hollow carcass, whose right hand clutches at the empty rib cage while the left hand holds high his heart in a grand gesture.” (Source)

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  10. Anna de Rijk by Txema Yeste

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  11. Vedema Hotel

    Santorini, Greece



  13. Gorges du Verdon

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  14. Up

    Hans Bauer

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  15. Jason Schwartzman at the thisisbandofoutsiders NYC Store Opening Party.

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